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For the intention of his novel, Dan Brown chooses the motives of Dante’s circles of the hell. Dante’s “Divine Comedy” was in a selected perception a prophecy.

Examining the central theme of “Inferno,” it is not possible to avoid Dante’s contribution to it. “Inferno opens with a frighteningly vivid dream sequence dependent on artists’ depictions of Dante’s encounters in hell” (Lewis, Ricki). And examining Dante’s contribution is not possible without the need of touching the context of an epoch in which Dante lived and produced.

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Renaissance is, undoubted, the turning point in the heritage of humanity. It was a time of contradiction in between ideals and strategies, and it was the time of science delivery which eventually led humankind to the solely new stage of their existence.


Dante was a far-sighted individual. At the time when very little was apparent and distinguished, he experienced managed to predict the potential of humanity brilliantly. He observed the opportunity of the 1st tries to use the aim tactic to reality as an alternative of spiritual prejudices.

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Since that time, humanity was producing exceptionally quick. Bright minds appeared in the heritage of each one Empire Shanae Wiley – Profile | EdTA – Educational Theatre Association developing knowledge and science and forming the current globe order in the form we have nowadays.

This is an simple fact that science solved quite a few difficulties that have disturbed humanity for hundreds of years. Nonetheless, at the same time, it generated the issues of an fully new high-quality. Due to the fact of the reduction in wars, the achievements in medicine amplified longevity, and, in common, the rise of living criteria, the environment inhabitants has greater noticeably. ishanaewiley_775 – Rakuten Viki This was the achievement of science. However, it was also a excellent defeat of humanity.

Humanity missing the activity with them selves. Playing with fire, they place them selves in the problems when their personal good results and achievements could likely have a vitally critical significance for them.


When it comes to the benefit of human lifetime, there show up a whole lot of ethical issues.

Ethical and lawful legislation of society insist that there is very little a lot more valuable in the universe than human lifestyle. Dan Brown has ventured to convey the new strategy on this challenge. His novel plainly depicts that the value of human lifetime is overestimated and, truly, a human is no much more than just a agent of their species. Awareness has made the person the most powerful in the Earth, undoubtedly. For the duration of the time period of their evolution of human individuals, as the reps of the homo sapiens species has demonstrated the motivation for cognition and development.

Searching for methods to put into practice their primitive thoughts, human people formulated their mind.


Further, need to interact and talk, that is socialization process has greater the volume of the human mind like no other residing organism’s mind. It was evolution that gave the human the correct to make the surroundings serve and get the job done for them. Even so, on a wide scale, even with their cognitive capabilities, the human is the exact mix of instincts as the other agent of species. By putting the guy on the major of the evolutionary pyramid, humanity determined that their life are the most valuable. By guarding this very same daily life by various signifies, human persons increased their populace to an huge amount.

With the recent way of reality perception and with the enable of lifestyle imposed premises, it is not possible for humanity to picture a different reality in which human existence could have a further top quality than it has right now. This plan rises huge ethic debates, and there is no need to increase this challenge for the purpose of this paper.

The simple and obvious truth is that a new long term will arrive soon and the inactivity of the modern society could be much too unsafe for them than getting action on regulating beginning on the Earth.


To sum up Dan Brown emphasizes the necessity of emergent steps concerning the problem of the overpopulation. The plot of the novel is establishing quickly quickly in purchase to emphasize the emergence of the difficulty.